April 4, 2013

How to make tasty dumplings-Pork and Napa cabbage dumpling

Friend asked me to share the dumpling recipe. For me, dumplings just like pizzas, you can put all the ingredients you want. However, there are some important tips make your dumplings great.

1.Make your own wrappers.Wrappers from supermarkets work, but are not as good as homemade fresh ones.

2.打水 (hitting water into the ground pork)- Add water slowly while mixing pork in one direction until color becomes light and ground pork becomes gluey. The important procedure will make your dumpling juicy.

3.squeeze out the water from vegetable ingredients. When adding vegetable into the bowl, you can pour some oil on top of it.We do not want the filling too wet to damage the wrappers.

The recipe is from: 孟老師的中式麵食

ground Pork 200g
salt 0.75 teaspoon(for hitting water)
water 3 tablespoon(for hitting water)
soy sauce 1 tablespoon
sesame oil 2 tablespoon
green onion 2 stems
Napa cabbage 300g

Instructions for Filling
1.Add salt to the ground pork and add water slowly while mixing pork in one direction until color becomes light and the ground pork become gluey. Season with soy sauce and 1T sesame oil. Put it into refrigerate
2.Finely chop Napa cabbage then mix with 1t salt. Set for 10 mins and squeeze out the water.
3.Add green onion and cabbage into the mixing bowl and pour 1T sesame oil on top of the cabbage. Gently mix all the ingredients together.

INGREDIENTS for Wrappers
salt 0.25t
water 170g
all-purpose flour 300g

Instructions: Mix all the ingredients together and knead till the dough is smooth. Proof at least 10 mins. Cut the dough into 7 to 10 g balls and roll them into circle wrapper.

Finally, the fun parts!! Scoop the filling onto the wrapper and make your own tasty dumpling.

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