March 1, 2009

Baby 101- Good deals for diapers

For average,each baby need 3000 diapers per year. If you go to retail stores for diapers they may cost you about 40 cents per count(plus tax). Therefore you have to pay $900 per year and about two thousand for one baby. Need good deal for diapers?
因為餵母奶的關係, 還沒有煩惱過奶粉錢,但是尿布用量還蠻驚人的,在美國怎麼樣買尿布划算呢?

1. Costco
這是最不需要傷腦筋的方式,Costco有賣HuggiesKirkland兩個選擇, (附帶推薦一下,Kirkland的 Wipes很好用, 不含香料, 柔軟舒服),兩個牌子都是平均一片約20cents

2.Toy"r"us or Baby"r"us
有的時候可以等到買兩箱折5塊的coupon, 但是要check weekly ad囉~
這個網站最有趣的地方是,他們也收manufature's coupon,網路上購物的好處就是不用打稅 "tax-free", 購物滿$49不用運費,更重要的是,New customer有滿$49可以折$10的coupon code,Every new household who joins gets $10 off his/her first order of diapers ($49 minimum purchase). 結帳時記得輸入CYPA9459,只買$50塊的話就相當於打八折喔~這網站還賣不少知名的布尿布,如bumGeniusHappy Heiny's 的布尿布,買三件 剛剛好, 這是布尿布很難得的折扣方式說~

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